Contract Services and Development Inc. (CSD Inc.) started in May 2002. We provides quality, store flexible and affordable contract assembly services. Our business model consists of low to high volume production, pharm quick prototype, cable assembly, box build, and repair. We have the capability to build from a prototype of 1 unit to a high volume production of 1000 boards plus. We provide Quality, Flexible and Cost Effective services tailored for your needs. We stand behind our Quality Policy: To do it right the first time, every time, thereby satisfying our customers requirements and exceeding our customers expectations. CSD Inc. is proud to be ISO Registered and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified of Assembly of Electronic Products.

If you need manufacturing services where quality is truly #1, on-time delivery is critical, and prices are very competitive, we can help. Our assembly partner in Malaysia (KESP) and working with several circuit board companies in China, adds the dimension of low to high volume production. Together, we provide excellent service with low cost, quick-turn, and the highest quality.
* KESP has 20+ years experience and over 10 years in EMS business.
* Experienced management resources. * Capability to deliver in volume.
* Capable of supporting “incremental” volumes. * Sufficient working capital.
* High-quality culture (ISO9002 & QS9000 Certified).
* Specializes in High mix, so changes in design or in volumes are accommodated.
* Strong manufacturing discipline.
The customer gets a “factory extension” from CSD and KESP — not just the outsourcing of production. CSD/KESP managers are accessible to the customer as if they were employees of the customer. English is the common language, so the customer has good access to all departments of KESP. With CSD, there can be a “seamless transfer” of production from the customer through CSD to KESP.

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Please contact us for any other questions or services that we may provide you. We pride ourselves of Quality, On-Time delivery and most of all, Outstanding costs.